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Guide Making Competition

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1 Guide Making Competition on Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:54 pm

Welcome to the Challenge. This is a so called competition of who can make the most help and best guide. Every now and than there will be new challenges. 

1) Any members can take up the challenge
2) The guide must be simple, as colorful as it can be and appealing
3) You can ask your friend to register and help to vote 

Important Criteria (IMPORTANT)
1) After writing the thread, you must post a poll with 2 choices: Thumbs up and Thumbs Down, the most thumbs up and less thumbs down wins
2) Make it appealing because i will rate it 0-5, the number will be added to the poll.
3) No copyright, if you copied from some other website, it will be consider as a research.
4) You may add some quote from other site but be sure to give credits

The winner will have their guide stickied (3 winners per challenge)

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(Sniper Guide)

Good luck Very Happy

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