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Another Big Patch coming in KMS ! Must Read !

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1 Another Big Patch coming in KMS ! Must Read ! on Sat Dec 11, 2010 10:09 am

Hey guys let's jump to the future! Wee , so im updating you on a patch that is going to reach KMS some day . It's interesting and i hope it will reach MSEA one fcking fine day. So this text is extracted from skycombat's youtube video description, the chaos patch trailer-KMS . 

"Right after Big Bang is released on Global MapleStory, a new MAJOR update reaches the korean version of the game.

This update is MapleStory Chaos.

The update will be divided into 3 parts with the dates being: December 16th, December 30th and January 13th. 

December 16th, 2010: Return of the Hero!

This update consists in a massive tweak for Aran, Evan and Dual Blade to balance them out and also adding new skills for them. All other classes will also see a minor enhancement in damage output and more changes to their skills (the Restructuring, as Fiel called it).

December 30th, 2010: Age of Technology

Players will now be able to create their own potions through Alchemy and even create their own unique equipments through the crafting system. The 5 gathering skills available for players to learn are Gather Herbs, Gather Minerals, Alchemy (creating potions), Equipment Crafting and Accessory Crafting. Players over level 30 can access these skills.

You will also be able to craft exclusive pets, such as Android. Crafting will be a very important part of MapleStory after this patch. Some rings will be able to be crafted, too.

January 13th, 2011: Chaos!

Player Vs Player (PvP) will be added! Player will be access the new Battle Arena through a portal in towns. 

There will be various types of PvP modes, including Survivor mode (free-for-all), Team Match (Teams Vs Team) and more. Successful kills, length of survival in the PvP room and even their PvP skills will be analyzed, allowing players gain Fighting Points (FP), which can be used to trade for exclusive items!

New content for people over level 160 will be added, including the strongest boss monster ever, roughly translated as the "Queen".."

This is another total great patch , you can stop thinking about the old MapleStory , MapleStory had been around from at least 2003 , and now 2010 they are releasing another great patch and i estimate it to reach to MSea around end of 2011 , who knows ? Im inaccurate . It's just a prediction . So one of the great features is coming is the thing that many people had been asking for and only exist in the lame world of private server , the PvP aka Player vs Player . Another one is crafting , im not sure what that really means , i guess it's like other mmorpg where they craft their own weapons , cool .

So let's wait for this patch :DD

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