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Why do we need to be active in forum chat?

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1 Why do we need to be active in forum chat? on Sat Dec 11, 2010 2:44 pm

Like most other forums , they got reputation points and points . Being a forumite in Blackshot Arena take yourself to achieve a goal , be the top poster by gaining points . The points in Blackshot Arena is called Mesos

Points allocation:
For every TOPIC/Subject posted, you will get 3 points except for guides which you will earn 5 points
For every REPLY posted, you will get 1 points.

Reputation is different
Earn reputation by the "Thanks" button however we dont have one now because of some errors and problem. It also can be earned by press the +/- sign beside a person reply.

The reputation here are called Shell

Points Allocation:
Negative Vote (-): -1 Shell
Positive Vote (+): +1 Shell

So if you want to be a moderator , you have to gain at least 500 points.

Happy Collecting !

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GM_xsucker has the most points now !

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